Two Gentlemen of Verona : Sun and Moon Theatre : The Dell Stratford

6th August 2016 

A dazzlingly bright and sunny day for two performances of a lesser known (everyone has heard of it but not everyone knows what happens in it) Shakespeare play in the Dell Theatre. This is the RSC’s outdoor stage across the lawns from The Royal Shakespeare Theatre and The Swan and just across the road from The Other Place. A beautiful setting by the banks of the Avon with the church where the Bard rests just behind the trees that provide the backdrop for the stage.

This post is largely to share some  unedited photographs with members of the cast, as well as to celebrate a fabulous day out. Some more pictures and a review of the production will follow in the next day or two. I hope they go some way to capturing the pace, energy, laughs, tears and torment that attracted the biggest audiences I have seen at this venue. A huge success and congratulations to all who took part.


Melissa Barrett as Julia


The cast in dappled sunlight


Turio serenades Silvia with the energetic backing of Richard Sparkle and The Jingle Bells


The RSC staff counted 160 in the audience at the beginning of performance one. And over 200 by the end. The second performance attracted even more.


Chris Harknett as Proteus and David Johnson as Valentine


Hannah Clancy and Sam Pike wearing a tank top that I’m sure used to be mine.


David Johnson as Valetine and Kathy Towns as Silvia


George Bradley as Launce with Dotty Dog making her stage debut as Crab


An unscripted entrance and exit


Shakespearean spaniel!


Melissa Barrett and Jessica Holyoake


Part of the success was down to excellent use of the performing space and placing some of the action in amongst the audience


My favourite picture

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A splendid time was guaranteed for all.