Mostly Concerning Food

It’s been a quiet week here in Derbyshire and food hasn’t been uppermost on our minds. For those of us still involved in the teaching of children it is the busiest time of the year. For those of us involved in moving the property forward it has been an opportunity to get outside and take advantage of the good weather to get some of those external jobs done. For those of us concerned with chasing balls and collecting sticks it has been a fabulous time and for those of us most concerned with the preparation and eating of food, it has been a quiet time.

A lot of sandwiches have been made, a few cans opened, some previously cooked and frozen meals have come out of the freezer and the local takeaways have seen more than average trade from us. But there have been a few decent meals to share and record. Not a vintage collection. But if this is going to be a record of what we’ve eaten at home, then it ought to be an accurate one.

IMGP5032Saturday saw Huddersfield Town’s last home match of the season and Charlie and I made our way up to Yorkshire to lend our support. A big crowd was anticipated and I suppose 17,000 isn’t negligible. Once I’d collected tickets there was time for a wander round town and lunch at Neaverson’s. A Texan Burger (not quite sure the Dallas version would be exactly the same as the Huddersfield one) and a portion of fish and chips did perfectly well. The atmosphere was friendly and the service cheerful.

IMGP5034The game with Blackburn Rovers ended in a 2-2 draw and a number of fans duly ignored announcements not to run onto the playing surface at the final whistle. It was an entertaining match and a very good-humoured pitch invasion. We haven’t had a huge amount to cheer this year; at least let us celebrate the fact that it is nearly all over. We are one of the most successful clubs in the country but we remain one of the least successful in the last 56 years. We’ve won bugger all during my life-time!

IMGP5048DSC_0001The week began and ended with cake. Since giving up smoking I’ve developed a sweet tooth. It is a constant delight to be discovering the delights of cakes and puddings at the age of 56. I was never particularly fond of sweet things as a child so the whole thing is a tremendous novelty.

DSC_0003Genuine Bury black pudding and an egg over-easy. There may be better black puddings than those from the Lancashire town but any puddings carrying the Bury name are pretty good indeed.

DSC_0004I’m a huge fan of the food produced at the Welbeck Farm Shop but I’m afraid these fancies are nothing like as good as they should be. You cannot fault the presentation but for £3.50 a cake, you expect taste and texture to match. It’s still a newish venture. Lets hope they improve. The meats, the hams and the cheeses are world class. The patisserie should be.

DSC_0006Mind you, that doesn’t include the doughnuts. These were everything a doughnut should be. the round one had a generous helping of a really tart lemon curd inside and was really nice. The ring doughnut was the best I’ve eaten for a long time.

DSC_0008Dear old Marks and Spencer seem to have expanded their speciality section in their Meadowhall branch. These macaroons were a treat on top of a pud and every bit as good for stealing every time I passed the tin.

DSC_0010I’m not quite so convinced of these Marrons Glacés. The whole product is impressive with the sweets triple wrapped in quality exteriors all inside a balsa wood box. I’m just not quite sure I like Marrons Glacés.

DSC_0011On a more plebeian level, I do like a cooked breakfast. I perhaps didn’t need this many beans but this is how many come in a can and I’m not very good at saving small amounts in the fridge under cling film. I have an agreement with Jolly that what I can’t manage, she can have. We work well as a team.

DSC_0013As I mentioned above, the ham from Welbeck is very good. Not good enough to stop me boiling my own for special occasions, but good enough that I don’t need to use supermarket deli counters any more. And yes, I do like mustard.

IMGP5010I haven’t emptied my pocket camera for a while. This picture of a ferris wheel in the middle of Nottingham dates back to the winter months. It has nothing to do with this food section, but I like the picture and want to include it. Please let me know if you think I should have left it out.




DSC_0017A packet of fruit-de-mer from Lidl, lightly cooked with chopped onion and an orange pepper and served with noodles was a quick and very tasty mid-day meal. I’d been working in the garden and it was really nice to eat my lunch in the garden. (I’m enjoying the novel; big fan of Lynne Truss).

DSC_0018Also from Lidl come those ready wrapped sushi. Not bad at all for the price.


Welbeck sausages taste just like the sausages we got in the sixties; and they were from an excellent butcher in Ulverston called Parkinsons. With good bread, a first class sausage sandwich.

DSC_0052We had two birthdays in the family this week but, because of illness and work commitments, we weren’t able to celebrate them until the weekend. The onions in this flan were softened very slowly until they were sweetness itself. The crust is an all-butter pastry. The filling is eggs and double cream with a lot of double Gloucester and Parmesan cheese.

DSC_0065A cheerful plateful to celebrate a double birthday.

DSC_0067And of course, two cakes to follow.



Have a lovely week. Simon